Wow! I posted the first, initial part of this series a few weeks ago…the response and progress has been fabulous. Here are a few examples…..

  • A handful of people have reached out and asked to actively participate in this collaborative project. This has pushed us to put some specific project goals and open source tooling to support the project. We are going to kick soon, so there is still time to participate.
  • A working prototype of an example of retail data in the Google Cloud Platform has been established. From the creation of a large retail dataset, to enriching the dataset, to integrating the dataset with other datasets, to publishing an end user report, to connecting the dataset to the Cloud Federation solution. A video is in the works here, but there is an initial example here.
  • An initial draft of an assessment of the Google Cloud Platform. This assessment includes components such as DataStore, DataStudio, DataPrep, DataProc, DataLab, BigTable, BigQuery, IAM, API, Shell, Console, and how the integrate into Jupyter Notebooks.

Finally, I have also received a few challenges to the theory that Cloud Federation is real. This helps prove that this is a problem and is something that is important and needs to be discussed. Look for future updates over the coming weeks!

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