The Solution to the Fragmented Retail/CPG Industry

The Challenge

The Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry is undergoing a historic evolution.  Industry CEOs are continuing to focused on growing their brand, reducing costs, building new partnerships, and looking to mergers & acquisitions as the means to compete and move their business forward.  The challenge is that the majority of these CEOs are also seeing a unprecedented shift in consumer behaviors and rapid changes to technology that directly impact their organization’s objectives.

Consumers are more informed than they have ever been with information readily available influencing their purchasing decisions.  They are interested in new forms of information (ie company sustainability, gluten free, organic) and are using new channels (i.e. eCommerce) which were not traditionally part of their past purchasing decisions.

There are also new, agile players in the market.  They are solving business problems with inexpensive solutions and are stealing market share.  They are also creating new, innovative trends that are providing new value within the market (i.e. online razors).

The Insight to the Solution

These factors are causing disruption, unpredictability, and fragmentation in an industry that has been relatively stable over the past ½ century.  Your company is being forced to pause their organization’s objectives and spin up new teams and invest in new technologies just to compete.  According to PWC’s recent “CEO Survey – Retail and Consumer Industry”, CEOs in companies like yours are turning to “innovation as the key to a future….driven by talent, technology, and competitive advantage.”  You are recruiting executive leaders that can help your company transform into technical, creative, innovative, and emotionally intelligent “problem solvers”.  Your leadership feels that this talent can drive growth in their brands, stores, and product innovations.  They see this as an opportunity to transform their culture, while continuing to drive productivity to self-fund key initiatives.

Being able to find the leaders that have the right mix of industry knowledge, organization transformation experience, and technical skills will help you win in the current market.  You will be able to structure your organization in a manner that will enable the speed at which you need to transform your business.  These thought leaders will have the ability to influence your company’s senior leadership to make agile decisions and will be able to lead the teams through the change.  They will be able to design and drive out the culture that is needed to compete and win in this new, innovative marketplace.  They will enable your executive management to achieve their goals of growth, innovation, and competing in a fragmented marketplace.

The Solution

As you think about recruiting innovative, executive-level talent, traditional recruiting practices will not be enough.  Required skills and experience have to include organizational transformation experience, proven innovative solutions, an aptitude toward problem-solving, and a strong balance of technical and commercial acumen.

CPG in the Cloud can provide your company with executive leadership and decades of industry experience to develop and implement a transformational strategy to win against the competition in the current fragmented, unpredictable industry.  The team will bring a wealth of transformational experience and innate problem solving skills to lead the organizational changes needed for your company to compete.  The team’s focus and experience in technology will help your business select the right platforms to lower costs, drive efficiencies, and allow the company to re-invest on core corporate goals, such as innovation and growth.  The result will help your business evolve their culture to a nimble, iterative, customer-feedback approach.

Next Steps

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