8000 Starbucks Stores Closed, May 29th

This is your friendly reminder that Starbucks will be closing 8000 US stores on Tuesday, May 29th for employee racial-bias training:

This means a couple of things….

  • 8000 stores and 175,000 employees will NOT be serving coffee.
  • Retail consumption measurement numbers will be skewed for May, including Memorial day promotions will be off based on year ago data.
  • “Work-from-home” employees will have to ACTUALLY work from home.
  • ….and 1000’s of unaware coffee go’ers will not plan appropriately and will have a grumpy day.

So, spread the word…..or better yet try a new coffee joint! Additional details here.

#CPGCloud – Chris Daniel is a senior executive in the CPG / Retail sector specializing in innovating and digitizing CPG organizations. He is also a huge fan of coffee. He can be reached at chris.daniel@cpgcloud.com.